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Low sound new TV box

We have really low sound level on our BT tv box. When following the directions to try and fix it says we need to re pair our remote and tv however our remote looks different to the one in the instructions and doesn’t have the same buttons. Our remote has a big BT button at the top. We’ve only had it since the start of this month. Can anyone help? 

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Re: Low sound new TV box

It’s been raised and discussed a on a few different threads on this forum.

At the moment, there’s nothing you can do about it other than turn the volume up higher on whatever device you are using for audio.

BT are aware, but I don’t recall a mention of timeframe for an update to fix it. 

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Re: Low sound new TV box

If you haven't paired your TV to your BT Remote then the volume will be adjusted on the the box as opposed to the TV.

Aim your unpaired BT remote at your box and press the Volume Up button to correct the low sound

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