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IPC6023 error on subscription channels

Hi. Ever since I signed up for BT Sport a few weeks ago the channels work fine for about 4 minutes. Then the picture freezes, goes blank, and I get an IPC6023 error code with suggestions that the connection between hub and TV box is not good. Changing channel and then changing back again instantly fixes it for another 4 minutes, when it happens again. Restarted hub, box, and ONT box. Swapped out all cables. Tried connecting TV box to a different TV. Did factory reset of box. Turned off all other devices connected to the WiFi. Box is connected to router by Ethernet cable. Called BT who decided I needed a new ONT box, but Openreach disagreed and wouldn't come out when the appointment was arranged. BT then sent a Qube engineer who changed the TV box and the same error happened. He tried all the other resets I'd already done then left. I think I'm now waiting for BT to call me again, but I'm worried they'll arrange another Openreach visit, only for Openreach to disagree and cancel it again. I've seen mods have fixed this for others on here and hoping you can do the same for me.

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Re: IPC6023 error on subscription channels

IPC6023 is such a common error that it's listed in the Help menu on your TV Box (Press the Help button on the remote control).

In a nutshell it means loss of multicast packets which is indeed caused by a network error but not necessarily in your home, it could be on the DSLAM in which case you will need the help of a mod ( e.g. @DarrenW and @Gemma_P are both familiar with this fault).

Mini connectors can also be a cause of failure.

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Re: IPC6023 error on subscription channels

Hi @Dec1 ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the service. I am sending you a private message to try and resolve this for you. 

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