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IPv6 and IPv4 IP Addresses - forcing use of IPv4


I run a website for work which I need to access from home. The website is protected by CloudFlare and I need to add my home IP address to a whitelist to be allowed access. It needs to be the IPv4 address. I've added my IPv4 address but when I try to log in to the website I'm being blocked by CloudFlare as it's registering my IPv6 address which isn't, and can't be added to the whitelist. This suggests that the IPv4 address isn't fixed, although it hasn't changed since I set up the router. Does anyone have any idea how I can force my home router to use the IPv4 address as a fixed address? Thanks.

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Re: IPv6 and IPv4 IP Addresses - forcing use of IPv4

There are 2 things here.

One, your public IP address is dynamic and liable to change.

Two, it is not possible to disable IPv6 in the hub, you will need to do it on individual devices.