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Impossible to turn off wifi hotspot on BT Smart Hub (BT Hub 6)

Hello BT

I have Opt out of BT wifi hotspot for a month now back in Dec and was told to perform a factory reset on my hub by the BT agent. BT wifi hotspot was turned off immediately which was Great but to return a few days later again (same problem). I took the same steps again to reset the BT hub and BT hot spot was turned off again just for a few days. 

First - I know turning off BT mobile hotspot can be done - but why does it take a factory reset to make it work and come back in a few days?

Second - From a Tech background I assume updates are pushed out silently to the hub and this would re-activate the mobile hotspot even if you opt out 

Third - There is no way of turning off the free hotspot without factory reset router - which would come back in a few days - maybe due to firware or patch upgrade - (How do we escape from this vicious loop and make it  work turned off permanently)

After speaking to a BT agent it would be a third party company performing updates on firmware and HW they are not able to assist. As far as I know I pay BT as a customer and if they use a third party they pay  - why can this third party not resolve the problem.

I have been a loyal BT customer for many years because of this I still have a BT Smart Hub (BT Hub 6) router (which could be the source of my problem after reading other BT customers comments on google). I am not looking for a free hub upgrade I am looking to permanently turn off my free BT hotspot.

Can a Mod please help  - I would really appreciate your assistance as I have been going around in a loop with the support agents on the phone with no idea how this could be resolved. 

Thank you




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