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Installed Fibre 2 but internet signal weaker on one side of house

We've just had BT's 'Fibre 2' installed. The new location of the modem (on one side of the house close to where the direct fibre signal feed comes in) means that the internet signal is now weaker on the side of the house furthest from the modem. I was told by the BT engineer who installed Fibre2 that buying CAT6 cabling would be a good way to move the modem to where it was previously located. This would require about 30m of cable. The cable is thick and obtrusive (we used to extend, over a shorter distance, our old modem using a thin phone cable). I am also worried that having to bend the CAT6 cable several times, and tacking it down and therefore creating serious cable kinks, in order to place the modem in the optimum position may compromise the strength of the signal. What do people think? Also, a friend tells me you can boost a modem's strength in parts of a house furthest away from a modem by using 'discs' that plug into the mains electricity socket. Are these effective? I can't see them on the BT website. If they're effective then they would easier to use than loads of thick CAT6 cabling that, by being bent, might weaken the signal anyway. Many thanks for any insights that people may have, Neil 

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