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Intermittent and very slow broadband

Hi all, I pay for Fibre 2 (up to 67mbps down), and all has been fine for months. For about a week now our internet cuts out intermittently, with gaps between disconnections lasting hours, and sometimes minutes. Downtime can be a minute to around an hour.

When the broadband is working we get between 2 and 3 mbps down and 0.25-0.33 up. Previously we were getting the full speed, near enough.  We have a phone plugged into the filter on the master socket, but get no dial tone. 2 different phones tried.

My next door neighbour has the same package, and is working fine. No reports of problems in my area, or indeed on my line which checked through the BT website.

I messaged the BT number with my home line number 2 hours ago, and have only had the bot auto-respond, with no follow up.

Anything I can try next, or information I can gather to help BT with this once I can get in touch with them?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Intermittent and very slow broadband

Have you tried a different filter to see if dial tone?

have you tried connecting phone to test socket which is behind the faceplate and checking for dial tone. If still nothing then report phone fault NOT broadband to 150 or 0800800150 from mobile

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Re: Intermittent and very slow broadband

Hi, thanks for the quick reply!

Another side problem I have is that the filter is stuck in the master socket. I've given it a good wiggle and it won't budge in the slightest. I don't want to risk breaking it as then I'll be really stuck. I will report it as a phone line fault then.

Any idea on how I might release the plug from the master socket?

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Re: Intermittent and very slow broadband

Update: Reported as a line fault. BT seems to think the problem is with the filter attached to my master socket. Seems the filter is hard wired, so I am purchasing a new master socket and filter to see if that resolves the issues.

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