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Is DLM working on my line?

Broadcom cabinet, Huawei HG612 modem (SP08 firmware) with ASUS RT-86U router for 45 days now on BT Fibre 2 and no G.INP. Is DLM working on my line, and if yes am I banded for some reason?

No issues with broadband, and no noise on the phone line. From what I've read, G.INP should have kicked in ages ago as my stats haven't changed over this time (SNR, attenuation or interleaving).

Any views appreciated.


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Re: Is DLM working on my line?

the DLM is always working on your line and does not appear in banded profile.  there is no manual way to activate G.INP

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Re: Is DLM working on my line?

Thanks @imjolly 

Any idea why G.INP isn't kicking in after 45 days?

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