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Despite being promised 7 times for a manager to call me back and 3 missed engineers appointments my case is not resolved and bt have not responded to my written complaint *see below* 



Dear Sir/Madam
I would firstly like to point out I contacted you last year 2019 to complain about poor Wif-fi coverage and internet speeds and drops in connection for hard-wired connection and Wi-fi yet I was fobbed off with the excuse 
that it was my fault for having too many things on wi-fi however this does not explain to me why I was and still am also getting consistent dropouts on my hard-wired connection to the property.
Last week I decided that I was no longer going to be fobbed off with excuses and paying for a service that I'm not receiving, therefore, I have contacted BT between 17-20 times this week to 
try and resolve this issue I have been promised 7 times that a manager would phone me back within the allocated two-hour time slot and one occasion a member of staff told me he had his manager on messenger 
and soon as we end this conversation she will phone you straight back but yet again this never happened.
I was also advised by one of your agents that if we upgraded our Broadband and went to Halo 3 we could arrange to have an expert sent out who would sort all these issues out and we was lucky enough to get an appointment 
Booked a few days later on the Saturday where a young lad 17-18 came into the property for all of two minutes and just confirmed what hub we had installed and when we told him the issues we had he told us that was above 
Is pay grade and we should get back in touch with BT, so now you wasted our time cost us even more money and put us into another 24 month contract that was falsely sold to us.
One agent agreed there was a problem on the line Quote: The line is showing Pink it should be Green and she arranged for an engineer to visit and the appointment was booked for the 31st August and again quoting 
Your agent she said this was not good enough to wait this long and she would be emailing asking for an earlier appointment however I never heard anything and this was left for me to chase up where upon another 
Agent looked at it and said she as booked you the wrong type of engineer and you need a “Cube engineer” and this was booked for today the 26th August and I was advised to move furniture or anything that may block the engineer 
Access to the property and leave the window in that room open so I had my carer do this for me and I looked online this morning to confirm the time and was surprised to see that it was saying the engineer had completed 
The job so again I phoned BT to explain this and was fobbed off with some rubbish excuse that like a delivery driver you would often track a package and it would show job completed yet they have not delivered it yet?
I’m sorry but I have never experienced this before and it was clear the agent was fobbing me off therefore I called back again and spoke to another agent who again assured me the engineer would be arriving between 1-6pm 
It got to 5:20/5:30 and I phoned again ad was able to speak with agent who agreed with me it was unlikely they would be turning up but he would give them a call to find out the situation and he was told that they would still
Be coming to the property and the agent agreed this whole situation was indeed a shambles and frankly he was embarrassed about the poor customer service we had received thus far and would be taking the matter upon himself 
And dealing with it personally and will phone me tomorrow the 27th August at the agreed time to see if the engineer turned up and go forward with this complaint, it’s now 6:20pm and as expected the engineer has not arrived 
And we are left with no explanation why?
I also as a disabled person hire two part time carers at the cost of £12:50ph so for todays appointment I had both my carers working so one was there to assist me and the other was there to move the furniture and open the window 
For the engineer as requested by yourselves so you wasted £75 of my money for an engineers appointment that never turned up.
I have had 3-4 agents who have promised me they will deal with this personally so forgive me if I have no trust or faith in these empty promises.
I also understand under the current circumstances call may take longer to get through because you give priority to vunrable customers but I am one of those vunrable customers and waiting on the phone for an hour and when 
You finally get through an explain the problem the agent thinks this is to much so it would be easier to hang up on the customer is not only frustrating its also very rude, within the last week I have including waiting spent around
16 hours on the phone and frankly this is unacceptable.
As a disabled customer I am appalled at the poor level of service we have thus far received from BT it has just been lies after lies and not once as anyone taken this complaint and tried to resolve this issue for us.
I also have a problem with our BT mobiles x4 where we have no or little data signal and whilst I understand this is a different department and this is being investigated we are paying BT £130-£140 for Broadband and TV and Mobile phones
Yet we are getting next to nothing for the money we pay?
My trust and faith in BT is in minus figures and quite frankly I am very dissapointed with the service we have received so far.
I would like you to arrange for someone to personally take control of the above issue and complaint and to compensate us for the missed engineers appointment and the poor service we receive and pay for.
I would also request you listen to all the calls I have made to BT and look at some staff training issues going forward.
I want to work with BT to resolve the above issues however if you are not prepared to deal with this I would request a deadlock letter so I can take this matter further.
I look forward from hearing from you soon and request you confirm this complaint in email but also contact me on ****
Kind regards 
Mr Nigel Smith 
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Re: Complaint

this is a customer help customer community forum as it says when you sign up.  Your post does not go to BT

as this is a public forum please remove your phone number to avoid receiving numerous spam calls

if you want help from the forum members please can you post the stats from your router (if hub enter in your browser) and if  HH5 then go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if HH6/SH2 then advanced settings then technical log information . 

Have you tried the quiet line test? - dial 17070 option 2 - should hear nothing - best done with a corded phone. if cordless phone you may hear a 'dull hum' which is normal


enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number

Someone may then be able to offer help/assistance/suggestions to your problem

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Re: Complaint

Hopefully a mod will see this and ask you to contact them. If they do it will take them a few days to get back to you but they will stick with you until resolved. They will also ring you back when promised.

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Re: Complaint

i have asked mod to see if they can help but it would be helpful to post the information I requested

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Re: Complaint

Hi @djmutters,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Community.

I can understand your frustration and I'm sorry your complaint hasn't been resolved. I would like to help you with your complaint and if you send me your details, I'll be able to run a few tests on your line which should help to identify what's causing the instability with your connection.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact me.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages

To get an indication of how your connection is performing, please can you post the information as suggested by @imjolly



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Re: Complaint


i have asked mod to see if they can help but it would be helpful to post the information I requested

I don't deny the info requested would be helpful but actual customer service would too. From the OP's missive he hasn't recieved that up to now.

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Re: Complaint

I'm disabled and have an issue with mobility and 2 carers I do not have the ability or knowhow to do what you are requesting sorry.
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Re: Complaint

Thank you 🙂
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Re: Complaint

I have replied to your message.
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Re: Complaint

I even had a member of BT staff call me on my mobile 8 times in a row swearing and being abusive threatening to me and I have reported this and their manager has been made aware but STILL nobody as got back to me.

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