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Issue with Latency and Packet Loss

Good Afternoon All,


I've been on with BT support as i've been having issues with my broadband recently. Whilst the speed tests are fine each time (guaranteed 17Mbps but achieving 23Mpbs+) the failures i'm having are around ping and packet loss, especially when gaming. This is occurring on both wired and wireless connections.

BT said they checked the line and all seemed fine, they went as far as factory reseting the router but i'm still experiencing the same issues. They said they could send out a BT Engineer but if they did and no fault was found it would cost me £85.

I've ran a tracert and i'm getting some request time outs. Is this the problem or a red herring? Has anyone seen anything like this and do you have any recommendations please?



Your help is much appreciated!



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Re: Issue with Latency and Packet Loss

Its worth adding that it's been fine up until a week or so ago when I started to experience issues. Nothing I can think of has changed with the setup from when we didn't have the issues.
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