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Just need an engineer

Recently moved to a new house, ordered BT hub (was with virgin at the old place but they couldn't provide this area). Got the hub today and set it all up but the hub thinks it's not plugged into the socket (openreach). The socket is missing its cover so wires are exposed and problem damaged (can see a green one that isn't connected). I've spent all day trying to get through to someone to book an engineer. Had online 2 chats freeze as soon as i got anywhere. Had a call back only to be on hold for 40+ mins then the line went silent. Called again and still on the line currently after another 30mins. I just need an engineer to fix the socket ready for our internet on the 22nd. No good paying for broadband when the plug doesn't even work!

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Re: Just need an engineer

Sorry but you just need to stick with customer services 0800800150 from mobile

this is a customer help customer community forum and your post does not go to BT

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Re: Just need an engineer

If you are not getting broadband until the 22nd, the hub won't work until then. The green and black wires  shouldn't be connected anyway, just the orange and white wires.

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