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Keeping existing number when switching to digital voice (OFCOM)

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There is a lot of discussion going on about whether existing numbers can be retained when switching to Digital Voice. I am having problems with BT currently in that they are trying to "trick"  me by including transfer to DV  when I recontract my Broadband.  The BT Advisor told me that "everything will remain the same as now, but  and we will upgrade your speed for the same price".  But when I saw the agreement emailed to me it stated that I would be switched to DV and have a new number.  I can still cancel the agreement within the 14 day period.  BT still insists that I will have to be allocated a new number (I have been with BT continuously for 50 years) and it in important that I retain my existing number.  Virgin Media website states that it  would use the  existing number.

Ofcom website says "   While all landline customers  will eventually need a broadband connection to continue receiving a phone service, they will still have the same phone number and use phone numbers to make and receive calls.
For many, the only change they will need to make will be to connect their existing handset to a different socket." 

So I don't understand why BT are being so difficult. Allowing customers to retain their old number would surely speed up the migration process. I didn't request DV but will accept it if I can retain my number. 

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Re: Keeping existing number when switching to digital voice (OFCOM)

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You can retain your number when being moved onto Digital Voice. As an example many have been moved onto DV as part of BT Consumers solution when the analogue PSTN network closes (complete closure date end 2025) and have kept the same number

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