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LG TV & the BT App?


I've got an LG Smart TV, but cant find the BT App in the LG Content store. Any ideas on how to find or add the App to the LG TV? 




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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

It's not available on LG Smart TVs currently, only Samsung.

The work around is to use another supported device plugged into the TV, such as a Fire TV stick/Chromecast or buy a new TV. 😁

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

Thanks, seems a bit short sighted of BT

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

It wouldn't surprise me if it did arrive in the future, @DarrenDev is probably best placed to give more info assuming he is allowed to.

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

There are a number of factors in choosing which platforms to support, including popularity of devices, complexity of development, manufacturer support, and commercial agreements.

I personally did a proof of concept app for LG TVs back in 2014, but we still don't have an app available. Make of that what you will. 🙂

I'm not allowed to say anything about the future possibility of LG being supported.

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

Thanks Darren, seems an odd one if they are trying to encourage a sport proposition match sky

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

I'm losing count now, but I think we currently support 13 different platforms for BT Sport?  And we're working on a few more for 2021.  I don't think we're doing too bad a job.

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

I guess the point being made is that many of us have an LG branded TV (35% market share in the UK) 2nd only just behind Samsung. This is leaving many consumers without an option to watch on their tv. Be great if this could be made to work with LG especially given all the challenges in lockdown with sport being a distraction for many people who live alone. I also understand LG tv users could use the browser in Web OS but this has now been restricted. Is it fair to suggest these customers buy another device to stream through their LG tv ?

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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

LG browsers weren't intentionally restricted - the issue is that web security standards have moved on, and the LG browser hasn't been updated. We support all browsers that we can.
We're doing the best we can to support as many devices as we can. We will be adding support for more devices this year, but if you want BT Sport *now* on a device that isn't currently supported then your only option is to buy another device.
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Re: LG TV & the BT App?

OK thanks I think I know what you are saying *_* so will wait for further announcements this year on more devices that you will support.
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