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Lag spikes & packet loss in games

Ok so i've noticed going back a few months that i started getting freezing/lag spikes/packet loss in a specific game (CS:G0) naturally stopped playing that game and now i'm seeing similar behaviour in other games, like EVE Online, and lots of buffering in YouTube videos. I've done the usual, rebooted, factory reset the router, can't check line noise as don't have a phone, my speed is also down to about 45Mb (Wired), a far cry from the 60Mb (Wireless) i got the day i had it installed which i haven't seen in years, although that's another story.

I ran Ping Plotter for 20 mins, whilst playing EVE and here are the results.


Something's definitely up, can i get some help with this? Thanks.

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Re: Lag spikes & packet loss in games

A cheap (less than£10) telephone handset is the most basic diagnostic tool you could have.

The good news is your ping plot shows no packet loss.

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