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Line Rental Saver

My 18 month contract runs out on January 12th. I have already renewed that for another 24 month contract with the same Fibre 2 package and 700 minutes (was 500 minutes) calls. That side is fine.

My line rental saver also runs out on January 12th and my December bill already reflects this and has charged for a few days line rental. But it also predicts that my next bill will be at the rate I have been paying for the past couple of years implying I still have line rental saver.  The price I was quoted on the broadband order was based on me having LRS ('You already have Line Rental Saver').

I just tried to renew my line rental saver but got the message 'Sorry you can only renew your line rental saver within 27 days of its expiry. We will email you  when that happens'.

What is going on? Or has line rental saver quietly been dropped?


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Re: Line Rental Saver

Hi @davews, sorry you're not able to renew your Line Rental Saver online. It is still available and you should be able to arrange this ok as the current LRS ends on 12.01.22. Do you have any open orders on your account as this might be the cause?



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Re: Line Rental Saver

Still getting:

We're sorry...

We're sorry but you cannot reorder Line Rental Saver until 27 days before the end of your original term. We will send you an email to let you know when you can reorder.

I had an open order to renew my contract when I tried on Sunday but that should now be completed. I have had no email to renew the LRS.

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Re: Line Rental Saver

Hi @davews, thanks for checking that and posting back.

Did that order close today?
If so I would suggest trying again tomorrow online to renew the LRS. If you're still getting the error, or the order was closed yesterday then call in and the customer services team will be able to renew it for you.



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Re: Line Rental Saver

I just checked my last renewal of LRS and see it should run from the 25th of the month so if it was renewed from the termination date of the existing one it won't come up for renewal until January 25th and will explain why the website won't allow me to renew it yet. But for some reason my latest bill shows it expiring on January 12th and I have been charged a few days rental for next month. I will see what happens in the next few days when hopefully I will be able to renew it (and claim back the wrongly charged rental).

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