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Line is disconnected and taken over

We live in a new build, about 2 months ago we received a Instruction of line take over, we told  BT that we didn’t put in this request and were assured the line would stay connected. 4 weeks ago the internet got disconnected. We have spent hours on the phone to BT it’s something to do with serial numbers, plot numbers and house number. But is still not rectified. To make it worse they have also taken ~£250 cancellation fee for our account. We are both trying to work from home with three small children. The situation is a complete nightmare but we are not getting anywhere with the issue. The complaint is with Fibre but they are also in contact with OpenReach. We don’t know what to do, how can we escalate and get this issue resolved. The situation was stressful before it is now reaching fever pitch due to absolutely no fault of our own. 

can anyone give any advice? 

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Re: Line is disconnected and taken over

are you dealing with FTTP team on 08005874787?

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Re: Line is disconnected and taken over

Yes we are, but calling that number still means we get passed from person to person and not getting the issue resolved. It’s an hour each time on the phone with no closer to a resolution. 

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