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Massive packet loss via Cogent to cloud services hosted in Paris DCs

Posting this here to see if it'll get any traction. There has been a problem, starting today, with connections to cloud services in Paris DCs which seems to be a BT/Cogent routing issue. There is up to 20% packet loss on any tests I do to Gravelines IP addresses, with the below traceroute snap showing the issue in more detail:



Now this is clearly a Cogent issue, however I am hoping BT will be a priority customer for them as far as support is concerned. Other ISPs using different carriers / routes appear to be unaffected, as you might imagine.

Any assistance BT can provide would be much appreciated.

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Re: Massive packet loss via Cogent to cloud services hosted in Paris DCs

Update on this, Cogent are aware of huge saturation on their peering with BT during peak hours (it's happening again right this minute):



We have had our peering with BT saturated since around 16:00 UK time until about one hour ago. Since then, the connection is not saturated anymore.


Joaquín Martínez Moraleda | EU NOC Engineer
Customer Support Europe / European Network Operation Center
Cogent Communications| Madrid, Spain |<



If there is no quick fix for this then I'll be moving to another provider that doesn't have these peering issues ASAP.



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