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Change in service provision Fibre2 (72mb) to Broadband (1mb)

Evening all, 

I’m in the process of moving house and have been looking at internet and phone packages for a couple of months during the purchase process. Over the past few months BT have offered the option to obtain a guaranteed 72mbps Fibre2 package. Now we are about to complete the house purchase, I have been back on to the BT website and am now informed only a 1mbps Broadband service can be offered. 

Why would this have changed so dramatically from one month to the next? Although a rural community, the local cabinet is approximately  5metres away from the property. 

I’ve just screenshot the BT availability below, but am struggling to understand! Any help/advice appreciated.


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Re: Change in service provision Fibre2 (72mb) to Broadband (1mb)


Welcome to this user forum.

You have missed  off part of the screenshot. What does it say on the right hand side of the top rows of the picture. Does it say "available" or "waiting list"?

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Re: Change in service provision Fibre2 (72mb) to Broadband (1mb)

If the ‘cab’ in FTTC ( fibre to the cab ) has no spare slots, then obviously you cannot be offered service from it, chances are when you first checked there was at least one spare port, now there isn’t.

Ports become available as people  for whatever reason, cease FTTC service , if the demand is such , and Openreach deem it appropriate new capacity at be added, all you can really do is keep checking, when the cab moves from ‘waiting list’ to ‘available’ you need to get an order in quick before someone else grabs the slot for themselves.

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