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Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it


Hi all,

I have a FTTC broadband contract with BT (Fibre with BT Halo 1). The connection is not terrible (more or less reliable) though I seem to be way below the speed estimates provided by various checker tools I used. I am wondering whether there is anything I can do to achieve higher speeds? I am the homeowner so happy to have checks carried out if warranted by the information below. Similarly, is there anyway for me to get higher speeds through another provider?

BT wholesale checker output for my number:


BT speed check results:


 And finally, information page from my Smart Hub:


Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 13.42.26.png

Anything that seems out of the ordinary?

Any help would be much appreciated!








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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

Your line speed is pretty much in the middle of the predicted range 22-42Mb being 30Mb,( 26.8 throughput on your test ) , so possibly not necessarily anything you can do.

Is your router plugged into the master socket or an extension socket, if the master socket do you have any extensions ( regardless of having anything plugged into them ) ?

You could try connecting your router into the master socket test port and checking the router stats again, if an improvement then your internal wiring may not be brilliant and needs attention or disconnect it and use the master socket....if already in the master and no extensions, with a ( preferably) corded phone dial 17070 , quiet line test, any noise, report the fault.

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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

Thanks for the response!

I have tried the quiet line test, though I only have a wireless phone. I can hear some very faint noise but I've read that this is expected with a cordless handset.

I am unclear which of my socket is considered "master", despite reading multiple guides on the subject. The wiring situation is odd - there's significant outside wiring (line comes out of the ground at my next door neighbour's house, and external wiring runs along their house up to my door). The state of this wiring is not great, which could potentially be an issue? Could an electrician check this?
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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

From memory, the outside wiring is the responsibility of OpenReach and users or other parties are not permited to tamper with it unless the are working with the permission of Openreach. Does the socket where the wiring enters the house have the removable faceplate (that exposes the master socket as described by others)? If its an older install the master socket may not be obvious, but it will be the only socket with a capacitor in it and in this scenario you would expect to see ADSL/VDSL filters plugged into all sockets that have any type of phone/fax etc. plugged into them. Another historical pet peeve of mine is the 'ring' wire connected to terminal three of your sockets, its  not really required any more for modern phones, but does have a tendency to introduce interference to you line which can be detrimental to broadband.

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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

Thanks for this! 

The house is relatively hold (built in the 1970s). Not sure when it was (re)wired. If the outside wiring if OpenReach's responsibility, is there a way for them to check it?

Not sure if this helps, but here are a few pictures of what it looks like.

The phone line enters the house and feeds into this socket/box:


The "main socket" (one of two in the house, both identical):


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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

Wow , thanks for the photos, I'm 52, and I reckon this cabling is older than me!

I can't really give explicit help here, although others might, because the details of your precise cabling are unknown, and likewise I have no idea where your router is in relation to the cable entry point.

If it were me I would like to see a new (NTE5x) socket in place of your current cable entry point, but I assume that there would be a cost from BT/Openreach.

I'm interested to hear thoughts from other contributers?

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Re: Mediocre fibre connection - understanding how to improve it

The socket in your first photo has 2 wires coming out bottom - is one wire the incoming openreach cable for outsideand the other going to you master socket which should be the first socket after openreach cable enters your home.  Or are both cable connecting to your  phone sockets  I will be master and other an extension?

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