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Horrible BT speeds for a year now


So ive been having horrible issues with BT's internet over the past year or so now! and I honestly dont know what to do!! i get speeds less than 2mb on my download and upload and the wifi keeps going down randomly and up again and its super frustrating, ive been waiting as i wantyed to give BT the benfit of doubt but its just getting frustrating at this point, i want to call an engineer but ive heard storys which make me hesitate and £85 if theres no problem or a problem on my end is ridiculous amount to pay.


No matter where i place my router or such it never gets better. so i really need help here! i'm paying £56 a month for broadband and landline{dont use it but cant remove it :/} the broadbands meant to be 70mb gurantuee so i really am a bit puzzled.


someone please help before i decide to end my contract and go elsewhere i really do want to stay with BT but this is just awful.


any advice is great and sorry for my spelling!

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

A faulty landline is the normal reason for very slow speeds, so you will have to test with a wired phone.

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

If you enter your phone number here, can you post the results ( remove your number when posting)
Can you access your router stats and also post them.
Any speed test needs to be done using a wired connection not WiFi , have you used wired or wireless to test ?
The first thing to establish is wether you are getting close to what is predicted for you location, no use complaining if you get ( for example ) 30Mb, on a 55Mb product if 30Mb is all your line can deliver , and if you are way off what’s predicted, what’s been done to remove any potential issues within the home.....are you using a extension socket or the master socket, have you done a quiet line test , dial 17070 from the master socket test port with a (preferably) corded phone take the quiet line test option and listened to see if there is any noise ?

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

I've turned of smart setup and always have had wireless split.

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

we don't use a landline haven't for the past few years now. So I can't really test that Sorry!

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

Can't test phone as we don't have one, I'm using a wired connection straight from the router to also using a powerline adaptor getting around 5mb max on download and 14mb upload last time I tested.

It should be a master socket as that's what BT told us when they set it up. We have a big socket in the dining room that's square and a smaller rectangle shape socket in the living room.
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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

Without a basic cheap. less than £10, wired phone, there is no other way to prove the fault, which sound like a disconnection on one wire of your phone line. A check for dial tone would prove that.

You could also save a possible £85 visit charge, if the fault is within your property.

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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

Mum says we have a wired phone so I'll wait for her to test it out and I'll comment back to you guys! Thanks for the help so far.
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Re: Horrible BT speeds for a year now

So one of you wanted to see this, poor image quality as I had to reduce file size sorry 

Screenshot_20200731-145832_Gallery (1).jpg

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