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Message about Rules

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I set up a new rule on my BT Internet email recently, since when I have been plagued with an orange banner on my inbox screen reading "The Rules for your incoming email messages were changed on Mon Nov 22 2021 18:17:02. To change these go to Settings>Mail>Rules or for help visit"  

How do I get rid of this banner permanently?  It appears every time I log on to email.  I know the rules were changed - I changed them myself.  I don't want to change them again, so why should I go to settings?  If anyone knows how to get rid of this intrusive I would be very glad to hear from them!

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Re: Message about Rules

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It is to notify the account holder that a rule has been set up. It is to alert the user per chance the account has been hacked and the rule set up by a hacker.

If auto-forward is switched on, BT will display a banner on webmail.  User can dismiss the banner by clicking the cross, if they don't dismiss the banner then it will automatically disappear after 5 minutes.

When you next login the banner will re-appear so any hackers can’t just dismiss the banner.  BT will continue to display it for a few days after the auto-forward is switched on.

A similar banner will also be displayed if a new rule or auto-reply is set up.

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Re: Message about Rules

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Thanks for your reply.  I look forward to it disappearing in a few days.  

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