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Missing HD channels

I'm supposed to have BBC News and BBC Four HD on my YouView channels 106 and 107, but neither are there.  Even an engineer has been out but cannot work out why.  Any ideas?



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Re: Missing HD channels

Hi @charlesruncie 

Those channels are Freeview channels tranmitted on the COM7 Multiplex.

so it looks like your Youview box is not receiving channels from that multiplex.

There is a link from that BBc page that gives a transmitter check which would give the likiehood of receiving COM7.

You could also check whether your TVs own tuner is able to receive those channels by using an aerial connected to the TV.

(Both BBC News and BBC4 do have their live streams on the IPlayer so that is an alternative option on your Youview box if you cannot receieve them on the Freeview channels)


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Re: Missing HD channels

I've checked and it says:
COM7 HD 55 GOOD - You are likely to receive all services
BBC channels in this multiplex: BBC NEWS HD, BBC FOUR HD, CBeebies HD
But cannot get the three above!
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Re: Missing HD channels

Which transmitter do you get your Freeview channels from?

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Re: Missing HD channels

@charlesruncie it would be worth plugging an aerial feed into your Tv to see whether the TV tuner can receive the channel to see if it is just an issue with the Youview box reception or a common issue.

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Re: Missing HD channels

COMs 7 may say good for your area but it broadcast on a weaker signal then the other Freeview MUXs. So it maybe that at times if you get bad weather or signal drops  you may get a weak or no signal from COMs 7. Depending where you stay and what transmitter you are using.

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Re: Missing HD channels

Thanks - I can get them on SD channels, but it's frustrating. I'll try again via BT engineers.
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Re: Missing HD channels

Not sure about the new BT Pro boxes but the older UHD and HD boxes are prone to losing the HD channels if the signal strength is too strong.

I had a similiar issue a few years ago and it was doing my head in as I couldnt find an answer until I hit upon a forum discussing this very issue and the answer was to get a TV attenuator. Its a small metal box with a cable in and cable out port and a small adjustable **bleep**. It basically reduces the strength of the signal being passed down the cable.

The lounge tv box was getting 100% signal strength and 100% quality, which makes you think it is fine. So what you do is use the attenuator to adjust the strength to about 75% and you should find your HD channels that were missing appear on a scan. Then what I did was slowly increase the strength till the disappeared, at 94% they would disappear but at 93% they stayed ok.



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Re: Missing HD channels


The reverse of the above post could also be true in that tuners in these Humax BT Youview units aren't very capable of handling weak signals which could well be the case with COM 7 channels. In this instance an amplifier may help to boost the signal.

Out of interest what level of signal strength & quality do you get on ,say, BBC 1 & ITV1 HD channels or any other HD Channels that you can get? I'd hope to see 100% quality and 80-90% strength.

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Re: Missing HD channels

You are wasting your time going to BT with Freeview reception issues.
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