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Modem choice

Hello all, 

I've got a BT Home Hub 5 which I want to replace with my mesh networked Netgear Orbis. The orbi is only a router though, and I need a modem that works with my BT DSL connection. The home hub can't act in model only mode, so I need a replacement device. Would the Hg612 3B that's used for fibre modem work? If so, is there an official store? (can only find online via ebay etc) 

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Re: Modem choice

if you have fibre FTTC the the hg612 will be ok  ebay is best place

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Re: Modem choice

The HG612 will work with either fibre FTTC (VDSL) broadband or standard copper (ADSL) broadband. There is no 'official' source.

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