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Moving home but current connection isn't available

Hi there,

I'm a BT Fiber 2 customer that gets advertised average speeds of 53 - 73 Mbps. Very happy with the current speeds and deal. 

However, doing the "broadband checker" to see what the other property has available, it's only Fiber Essential 32Mb - 36Mb. The deal is 24 months and I'm about 6 months into that. 

My question is, what would happen here, since if I moved to that other address, would the current contract and agreement be void because BT can't offer the services we agreed on, or would I be stuck with it? 

Hypothetical, but a very real possibility currently. 

Thanks in advanced for help and hope you're all well.

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Re: Moving home but current connection isn't available

You would get best available nearest existing package which is probably fibre 1 as per T&C

did you check here by entering your new address

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