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Need To Replace a 9-Year-Old Netgear Router


I'm looking for a new router to replace a 9-year-old Netgear WNL3500L which hasn't been kept up-to-date (no firmware) and therefore is not as secure as I would like. A WiFi Router would be my preferred option since we don't have any portable gadgets that we use on a regular enough basis.

I'm looking for a router that would do just the basic stuff. We both spend a lot of time on the internet and every Saturday I send about 100GB to a spare PC we have upstairs. Occasionally my husband also downloads very big files (big to us anyway - approx 8GB). We also need to connect Sky Q to the router which I believe is done wirelessly. We've also looked into using a VPN but for the moment we're taking it no further but I want to have that option available if we change our minds.

Our ISP is BT and the BT Home Hub supplied was only used for a short while before being replaced by an own bought router (the Netgear) this being at the advice of someone on the BT forum at the time. In case it matters our connection is one where we have fibre to the outskirts of the village and copper from there onwards - I think it may be ADSL2+ but I can't be sure. Currently we are getting speeds of up to 40Mbs download and up to 6Mbs upload. I should also add that we both have desktop PCs, no laptops so we don't really feel we can justify a device costing a fortune.

At present I'm looking at two routers:
1. D-Link AC2600 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router which I've seen recommended in a couple of places.
2. TP-Link Archer AC2300 MU-MIMO. Not seen this recommended but having read a review on Tom's Hardware it seems it would more than meet our needs. I think this would be my preferred option at present.

I am wondering what folk may know about these routers or perhaps they would recommend something different (pref costing no more than £150).

Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks.


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Re: Need To Replace a 9-Year-Old Netgear Router


With the speed you quoted, you have FTTC and not ADSL2, so unless you also have a white Openreach modem connected to your line, then you would need a VDSL modem/router combination and not just a wireless router.

Here are two recommended options which connect to your phone socket. They both work with all BT services including BT TV.

or a higher specification.

If you do have a white Openreach modem, then this would no longer be needed.


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Re: Need To Replace a 9-Year-Old Netgear Router

I do indeed have a white modem installed by BT. In fact its the second since the first went faulty and the engineer replaced it when he checked things out. In this instance I need just a router so have you any recommendations or any comments on the two routers I'm currently looking at ?

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Re: Need To Replace a 9-Year-Old Netgear Router

As you have a modem, I cannot really comment on the two routers, but there are some other forum member that use separate routers on FTTP, so they may be able to help.

I am not sure how long the Openreach modems will be available, as they have not been supplied now by Openreach, for many years. They are only available second-hand, so you may be better using a modem/router combination. Its also one less box to take up space and electricity.

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