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Need to order extra WiFi discs

We have just had Fibre installed which is great but only one disc came. We have a very old property on 3 floors with very thick walls and we'll need extras.

I've been through the app and tried various sequences through the menus to order extras but it's just going round in circles and driving me crazy! 

Can soneone just tell me how to request the extra discs? 

Thanks so much 

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Re: Need to order extra WiFi discs


Welcome to this user forum.

From a post by a device expert.

Follow the steps on the Broadband troubleshooter and if you've still got wi-fi issues we'll send you an extra disc. (if the link doesn't work - search BT Troubleshooter / Call 0800 800 150 and our help team will support quickly)

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Re: Need to order extra WiFi discs

Thanks Keith, 

Trouble shooter is difficult to follow since the connection works great, doesn't drop out and isn't down and I don't need help setting anything up. The WiFi just doesn't work throughout the house and there's no apparent option sequence to indicate that.

So I'll probably just call in the morning. But I think it'd be better to improve the app so I wouldn't need to take up someone's time and just allow me to order the extra unit.

Thanks for your help though. 

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