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Nest Wifi - failing to set up (PPPOE/ONT/FTTP)

I feel like there have been many posts about this and none seem to solve the problem I'm facing.

I just moved home and I'm trying to set up my Nest Wifi router. I recently got BT Fibre Broadband (FTTP), with a ONT modem and Smart Hub 2.

From what I understand, I need to basically ignore the Smart Hub 2. Plug in my Nest Wifi WAN directly to the ONT modem via ethernet. On Google Home setup, I need to select PPPOE with username and pw 'BT' or blank. 


I can get through most set up stages, but when it comes to the final stage of creating a wifi network, it fails on the 'something went wrong' screen.

I've factory reset and had what feels like a million attempts over 2 evenings and I can't get it to work. 

On some later attempted, I've even got an alert on the PPPOE screen telling me 'Configuring PPPOE Failed. Please note that VLAD ID tagging is not supported'. (Not this error wasn't on earlier or all attempts).


I even tried connecting the ONT Modem -> Smart HUB WAN and Smart Hub LAN to Nest WAN. And that allows me to get through most of the set up and then falls on the wifi setup stage with an error page saying 'Something went wrong. Looks like we lost contact with your wifi point...'.

Does anyone else have any possible solutions here? It's feel crazy that it's this difficult.

(Note - my internet works find directly from the BE Smart Hub, so the issue is Nest related).

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Re: Nest Wifi - failing to set up (PPPOE/ONT/FTTP)

As the problem is  purely with Nest, you would be better posting on a Nest forum for advice.

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Re: Nest Wifi - failing to set up (PPPOE/ONT/FTTP)

I have. But I believe this problem might be unique to BT and Nest. As it’s a pretty common router, I was hoping others may have had some useful experience or a solution I’m missing. 

I was using the same nest with Virgin Media (with their router in modem mode) with no issues in my previous home.

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