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Netflix/Sky issues

I have BT fibre with halo 3+. I have a wireless connection from my sky box to my BT halo router. However when I watch Netflix through sky it constantly buffers and stops every 10-15 minutes or so. The sky box seems to disconnect from the router.

I have 3 BT discs in my house to boost the signal but nothing seems to work for the sky.

Does anyone have the same issue or know a solution please?

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Re: Netflix/Sky issues

Do you have a Smart TV? What I would do (and have done personally) is to download the Netflix App directly to the TV. Once installed, provide your ID and password and you're good to go, without having to log in agan.

Of course, this assumes the TV provides a better solution that via the Sky/BT Box route.

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Re: Netflix/Sky issues

As @Carlusha says, try via an external streaming device as it seems this issue could be localised to your sky box. My brother in law watches Netflix via Sky Q and that buffers quite a bit and they're on a 30bbps which is more than enough for HD streaming

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