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Netgear ORBI RBK50 in Router Mode

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Hi BT Forum folks!

Got a BT Smart Hub with a PlusNet FTTC connection. I was trying to improve my WiFi performance in parts of the house furthest from the router so I invested in the two-node RBK50 WiFi mesh kit. Set it up last night, disabled WiFi on my router and moved all ethernet-connected devices from the router to the main RBK50.

I also have Sky Q with one Mini box, but I have disabled their WiFi mesh and connected both boxes to the RBK50'S via ethernet.

So far everything seems to be working well, however I was expecting the RBK50 to install in AP mode and it seems to have chosen Router mode instead. Devices connected to the RBK50's are being assigned IP's in the, etc range. Does this mean there is a double NAT situation happening? I've been warned this is a bad thing. Should I be concerned?

Appreciate everyone's advice here!

Many thanks!

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Re: Netgear ORBI RBK50 in Router Mode

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This is the BT Retail customer forum, please post on the PlusNet forum.

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Re: Netgear ORBI RBK50 in Router Mode

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There is no need to be 'concerned', double NAT is a fact of life if you connect 2 routers together LAN port to WAN port. It can be problematic for port forwarding and gamers though.

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