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New BT Sport sign up

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I signed up for the monthly pass yesterday. I hope to watch the 2nd Test on either BT app, Samsung TV or laptop. All through yesterday I got the ID003 error code.

From reading here, I hoped that meant I needed to wait a bit longer. 24 hours have passed but BT Sport is still missing from my products.

I couldn't even sign in to this community without using a different email, as neither User name nor email was recognised. ( I did get "this email is linked to another account- so I must exist.) I've been a BT Broadband customer for decades, so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Can anyone advise me what to do?

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Re: New BT Sport sign up

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Sorry that it hasn't been as straightforward as it should have been @dorsetlad1 

Please send me a DM and let me know the email address you created your monthly pass with.  I'll see what's going on with it.

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Re: New BT Sport sign up

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Thanks so much @DarrenDev  for a prompt and efficient resolution to my sign-in problems.

Now if you could work some similar magic on the England batting...