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New FTTP install Digital Voice issues


I have recently had ultrafast installed with the digital voice and twice while altering the information in the phones (handset names, setting call preferences and adding phone numbers) the download speed has dropped afterwards, it would max out at around 90mbs.

The first time I cleared this by restarting the router the second time I needed to reset the router to defaults and the setup the digital voice connection again. I didn’t get a copy of any logs but I did notice a change in loaded latency on speed test, it had increased from around 27ms to 124ms.

Now I except this is not a definite phone issue but it may help someone if they see a similar problem.

If anyone has seen this and can give any assistance as to anything I may have done incorrectly please reply.


06_01_2021_1.jpg07_01_2021 after router reset.jpg

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Re: New FTTP install Digital Voice issues


Welcome to this user forum.

I would expect that BT Digital voice would reserve part of your bandwidth to enable it to carry high quality voice calls. It would also alter the QOS (Quality Of Service) setting on the smart hub 2, to ensure that BT Digital voice always gets the highest priority, which is required for a reliable VOIP connection. That is likely to affect latency.

You would have to see if anyone else with a similar configuration, has noticed any changes.

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Re: New FTTP install Digital Voice issues

Since the reset to defaults on the router it has been on the 150MBS and not moved as yet, my feeling was some thing was corrupted in the router setting but that is only my speculation.
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