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New FTTP install now unable to watch BT Ultimate

I was previously on FTTC with 70mbps download.

Setup is an ASUS AC88u router with tplink power line adapters from the router to the BT TV box.

Before the FTTP installation I was able to view the BT Ultimate UHD channel flawlessly.

Now that I am connected with FTTP the picture on the BT Ultimate channel breaks up and is not viewable. The normal BT Sport HD channels are fine. It’s as if the connection is not strong enough, but it worked even on the morning of the installation.

I have upgraded to power line adapters to 1200 Mbps (tplink) ones and tested the speed via a laptop connected to the adapter nearest the TV box and I get above 70 Mbps. So can’t work out why the picture is breaking up.

The only way I can get it to work is to run an Ethernet cable across the hallway direct from my router to the TV box. But this is not convenient with my setup.

Has anyone else come across this?

I might try some BT mini connectors to see if they make a difference, but are they any different to tplink Power line adapters?


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Re: New FTTP install now unable to watch BT Ultimate

Something in your network path is not handling multicast traffic properly. Did you change your router when you moved from FTTC?

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Re: New FTTP install now unable to watch BT Ultimate

No, everything stayed the same apart from now I have an ONT and before I had a BT modem.

Also looking at the router stats, when I tune to BT Ultimate cpu core 1 maxes out at 100% and the rest of the network grinds to a halt . It as if the router is getting flooded with info!

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