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New Fibre connection - router position

We have just upgraded to Fibre and have just had the text message with a video explaining the installation of the router etc.  In our current set up our office is upstairs, however, from looking at the video sent it seems we have no choice but to have the new router installed downstairs, which would mean wires trailing all over the house.  As we have 3 gamers in the household running on wi-fi is not an option - anyone had experience of this?  Installation isn't for a few weeks so we have time to decide - but not clear how many options we have etc, my previous experiences with BT Openreach engineers is not the best to be fair, so would rather have a clear picture before they arrive

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Re: New Fibre connection - router position

My ont and router are all located upstairs in the man cave. When they do the install just ask them to install where you want in reason, as long as there's a power socket near.

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Re: New Fibre connection - router position

Ah really! that's great - there is a socket etc, so hopefully they can do that - it would save a whole heap of problems!  Thanks for taking time to reply


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