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No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

Two games in 4K tonight but not HDR, any reason why not in HDR?  PL games on BT Sport usually are.

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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

I was using a NowTV box here and no HDR for the second game - never checked the first game.

The BT listings did have both as HDR.


17:30  Live: Chelsea v Wolves

Series 2020, Episode 43

Chelsea and Wolves go toe-to-toe in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge. [Live] [Widescreen] [4K] [Dolby Atmos] [HDR]

20:00  Live: Man Utd v Sheff Utd

Series 2020, Episode 46

Action from the Premier League as Manchester United and Sheffield United go toe-to-toe at Old Trafford. [Live] [Widescreen] [4K] [Dolby Atmos] [HDR]

Fibre 2 Unlimited using EE Smart Hub 2 with EE TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR) in IP mode.
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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

I get a schedule sent to me every morning, and I can see that on Saturday morning it said last night's matches would be HDR/Atmos, but on Sunday morning they had changed to SDR only.
No idea why they changed though, unfortunately. I'm assuming there's a good operational explanation.
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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

Thanks, maybe as lots of game at once HDR on some would have overloaded things?

Ant idea on game tonight, only 1 game so hoping to watch that in HDR?

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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

One limiting factor would be the number and location of the HDR equipped trucks. must be a logistical challenge to get them in and connected in the desired locations in these Covid times.

It would be helpful to know which of the BT Sport Ultimate programmes are scheduled in HDR as currently it is difficult for viewers to find out until the relevant tile appears on the BT Sport app.

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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

The Android and iOS apps show the HDR logo on the Schedule screen for future events if the mobile device is capable of HDR.
Tottenham v Liverpool tonight is scheduled to be in HDR.
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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

But  the large screen non mobile devices don’t , is there any progress in getting a schedule on those  devices ?



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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

I'm not aware of any current plans to offer a schedule in the large screen apps. There are much more exciting (and commonly requested) features currently being developed/tested/trialled.

Speaking only from personal opinion - it sounds a bit of a niche feature? How many people are going to fire up the app on their TV to check a future schedule? It's something I'd imagine people would be more likely to do on their phone? One thing that might be useful is adding an indication in the mobile apps though, to show "Available in HDR on compatible devices" to provide that information to users who don't support HDR on their phone, but will be watching on large screen?
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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

A simple accessible schedule is all that is required by me. I believe when issues  were raised in identifying HDR content the clarification from BT was

Upcoming events in HDR will be promoted on-air and online.”

Does concern me that large screen apps whilst appreciating the rollout to more platforms seem to be missing out on refinements that will make their use easier.

Samsung TV app for example seems to date back to November 2019 , surprising no updates in over a year.


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Re: No HDR 4K only on football tonight?

The app installed on the device is just a shell - the app itself is hosted remotely. We only update the shell (widget) when we specifically need new interaction with the hardware.
The remote code is updated very frequently - as often as every 2 weeks. The next update will be happening around 10:30pm today.
You can see the current app version in the bottom left corner of the screen when you select the cog in the top right corner of the app. It'll be in the form "x.y.z - a.b.c" where x.y.z is the remote code version (changes frequently) and a.b.c is the widget version (changes very rarely).

Expect to see some very big changes coming soon. We have a good sized development team working full time on the BT Sport and BT TV apps across all current platforms (and some future platforms too).