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No mobile data for one of two family sims

Hi I have no problems with mobile data but my wife's sim does not appear to get any despite a 6Gb plan. Last date on which any data was clocked was 6 September. The phone is an iPhone X  with IOS 14.7.1. Network provider is BT-C 46.0. This has happened before and appeared to clear up but it is clearly back again. Phone and text messages work fine. Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this sort of problem but not sure of the best way to contact BT.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: No mobile data for one of two family sims

Hi @torwalker,

Thank you for posting. Have you tried the Wife's SIM in your mobile to see if you get the same problem? It might be worth while checking the phone's setting to make sure Mobile Data has been turned on.

If all that has been checked it could be the SIM Card is faulty. You best bet would be to ring the Mobile team on 0800 800 150.



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Re: No mobile data for one of two family sims

Hi Paddy

Thanks for your reply. Good idea to put my wife's sim in my phone. I will try that. Mobile data definitely turned on and data works fine when connected to wi-fi. I think it is an intermittent problem as we had it once before and it cleared up (itself), and it wasn't that the allowance had been reached as I checked.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Kind regards


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