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Not getting 900mb via wired connections

Hi everyone I’ve had bt 900mb broadband in now for a few months and not getting full speed with wired connection although I am using the new BT mini wired connectors do I need to use different Ethernet cables or better Ethernet cables I’m currently only getting 90 mb download and 85 upload, my wireless connection download speed is maxing out at 360mb and 98mb upload is there any way this can be increased 

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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections

I would first try a new set of ethernet cable cat5e should be OK they allow up to 1000mb 


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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections

Describe your test setup

Are you going from the hub to a PC and does the PC have a gigabit ethernet port or does it have a 100mbps port, are you using any ethernet switches in between ? and if so, are they gigabit or 100mbps

A poor cable can fail to negotiate a gigabit connection and drop back to a 100mbps link, look at the device properties for your link on the PC and see what speed its been established at, and make sure the speed negotiation is set at auto.

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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections

Oops , didn't mean to give a rating above.


If you're expecting 900mb over the adapters then you're always going to be disappointed as the speeds are governed by the quality of your mains circuitry and various interferences.

I'd suspect that most people would be lucky to get 3-400mbs at best, but as low as 50mbs in some instances.

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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections

Hi im using the wires that bt sent with the mini connectors to connect to my fire cube and my xbox when testing with a speed tester it's only getting 80 to 90 mb download max and sort of similar with the upload 80 to 90mb the house on the app the bt app says that the house and broadband will achieve 900mb I just think its the wiring 

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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections

@Zoeh2021 You’ll never get anywhere close to 900 Mbps with those mini connectors. It’s just a limitation of that type of technology.

The same is true of wifi, where if you are using the supplied SmartHub, you would be looking at around 400-450 Mbps in the best case scenario, depending on environmental factors in your setup, devices and your home.

To keep things simple, if you want to really test and make use of the 900 Mbps on a single device, then you’ll need to connect it directly to the SmartHub with the network cable and then run the speedtests.

Even with that said, bear in mind that a while back, Microsoft were limiting their servers to around 600 Mbps for Xbox. I’m not sure if this has been lifted now or not, but the capability of the server on the other side will also affect the reported results.

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Re: Not getting 900mb via wired connections