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Not registered on network

I'm not sure i've posted this in the right place but I've just switched fom o2 and more than 24 hours after changing my sim card i still can't make calls. It says not registered on network. But it won't let me register and i've barely got any signal. I can't ring them. Help!

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Re: Not registered on network

Hi @LynnSS 

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry for the problems you're having making and receiving calls on your device after moving over to us.  I realise it has been a few days since you post.  Is this resolved now or are you still having problems? Let me know as we can help from here if needs be.



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Re: Not registered on network

Hiya, Yes its resolved. Turns out i can't get a BT signal indoors where i live even though i asked this when i took out the contract and was told the signal was good. Its alright outside but zero inside. So i've had to switch mobile providers again. I'm not happy but it can't be helped. Thanks

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Re: Not registered on network

Also i checked on a couple of websites and they clearly say that i wouldn't get a signal indoors with BT. I didn't check before i placed the contract as i wasn't wanting to change my mobile network at the time i was swithing broadband and they offered me a good deal. I did ask on the phone and i was told they'd checked my postcode and that the signal was good. So i was without the use of calls and texts for a week which are very important out where i live, a lifeline. If i wasn't going to get a signal they should have said.

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