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Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

So my internet dropped on Monday afternoon. Checked hub, was flashing pink, so tried to call helpline. Waited on hold for 20mins before I gave up and raised the fault through the online system via mobile. Engineer came the next morning, spent five minutes assessing and decided he couldn’t fix it, arranged a different engineer who came and spent a whole morning fixing and testing lots of things. Still doesn’t work, but router is now flashing yellow. Apparently that means there is a problem with the DSLAM port at the cabinet, which needs to be switched. 
Unfortunately the ports in the cabinet are all in use so the fibre team (Different team from the engineer who came to my flat and was very helpful) need to go to the cabinet and replace the faulty port. 

Does anyone know how long roughly this tends to take - like a lot of people I’m working from home so it’s pretty urgent. 

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

If you let me know the exchange and cab number I'll see if a cab issue is logged. You can find it by inputting your telephone number HERE.

Date the problem occured would be helpful too.

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

Hi thanks for your reply. 

The issue first occurred on Monday 27 July and it is Cabinet 2, Brixton exchange. 

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

A new card was ordered on the 28th. In normal circumstances it would be installed tomorrow. Unfortunaltely due to the delays due to Covid it looks like next week before they get it. Best I can do is assure you as soon as it arrives it will be fitted the same day.

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

Many thanks for the update. 

Is it possible to request an email or call when the fix has been completed? 

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

You'll know its been completed before an email could reach you (you can't request one) as your broadband will be back up as soon as the new card if fitted.

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

Thanks, I understand that. 
The only problem is that I’ve had to relocate to with relatives so that I can work ‘from home’ it’s a two hour round trip between the two, so it’s not like I can just nip back to check if it’s back working each evening. I don’t need to know that it’s working immediately, just at any point that day. 
Given that my internet will have been down for a full week, is it really impossible for someone in customer service to check and give me some form of communication on the day it is fixed? Or at least a concrete schedule when it is expected to be fixed? 

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

So let me get this right. You want a deparment of a company running on skeleton staff during a pandemic to put some time aside to inform you that another company has done its job and repaired a fault on a connection you cannot use because you had to relocate with relatives due to the pandemic which is responsible for the depatment being run by skeleton staff?

Have I missed anything?

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

Pretty sure when Openreach close the job it sends a KCI to BT to say they’ve fixed it which generates a KCI to you via your preferred contact method, i.e. text or e-mail.

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Re: Ongoing Fault - DSLAM port

No, I think you’ve misinterpreted me. I don’t mean to be rude, as you’ve been very helpful. 

I only relocated because my internet was down, it being essential to allow me to work from home. I did not relocate prior to the internet being down. I fully intend to return home and use the connection once it is fixed. My point was that I can’t sit at home and wait for it to be fixed as I won’t be able to work in the mean time. Hence why a text or a call or an email or an update to the online system would be helpful as the only other alternative is me physically returning to check. 

Again, not wanting to be rude, but given that BT is one of the largest companies in the country, one would hope that it had some form of contingency planning, so that it could maintain its standards of service in a time such as this. It’s a company, not a charity and people pay for a service. As my contract is with BT, I think they do have a responsibility to liaise with Openreach (which is somewhat separate from BT, although it is still part of the same group) and inform me of progress. 

I don’t want to be critical of you, as I said, you’ve been very helpful and altruistic in doing so and my concerns are directed at BT, a large, for-profit company, which I think could do better. 

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