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Outlook & BT Mail Issues

Hi Guys. As of early this morning I have been unable to send or reply to any of my BT emails from my desktop's Outlook 365 program (or my laptop's for that matter). I get the constant 'enter password' pop-up on all BT emails even though they are the correct ones. I can receive e-mails just fine and the BT webmail & app work just fine also.

Upon a BT chat representative's advice I uninstalled one of the offending e-mail accounts from the laptop only to find I cannot now re-add it because of the constant password rejections. An Outlook representative suggested various ways to get the account re-added all to no avail.

I recall having something similar years ago and it was suggested the issue was at BT's end but can't seem to recall how it was remedied.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Outlook & BT Mail Issues

Have just set-up my BT accounts on Thunderbird too and get exactly the same issue, can receive but not send e-mails so I'm guessing this is definitely a BT Mail server issue?

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Re: Outlook & BT Mail Issues

Are you a BT Broadband customer or paying for your email through a BT Premium email account?

When you log onto your MyBT and go to "Your Products" > "Email, Manage> What email account type is it showing that you have and what status is it showing?

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