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PPP LCP Send termination request (user request)

Hi all, 

after all these years as a Bt customer I’m still having this PPP LCP issue, I have HH6 type B, previously HH6 type A. But now it’s getting infuriating when my router goes off, it used to be at night but now it does it any time of the day , peak times and weekends included. It used to last a few minutes before but the past few months when it disconnects it doesn’t come back and stays flashing purple until I reset it. Sometimes it’s been more than an hour because we’ve been out, come home and it’s flashing purple and when I check the log after reboot it tells me when it went off via this ppp lcp termination request, it’s driving me crazy, I have been on to BT about this multiple times, but it’s all ways there’s nothing wrong with my line, apart from their own reboots (which seem to be more than every 2 weeks) or we’ll send you another router. I’ve had multiple engineer visits this year and they say everything seems to be fine. 2 of the visits was because they had disconnected my phone line somewhere so that affected my broadband but the last engineer said that won’t happend again because he fixed my phone line back in properly at the cabinet or exchange because it was loose. Anyway I’ve now put in a tplink archer vr400 but still get these ppp lcp disconnections which change the line stats all the time. The longest I’ve had up time has been about 6 days and that’s rare! Then it will go off on random days sometimes twice a day. I’m at my wits end as this is the only service I can get in my area. Somebody please help!

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Re: PPP LCP Send termination request (user request)

Also forgot to mention I’m on fast fibre 2, used to be called infinity 2. I’ve also done quiet line tests with a corded phone at the main socket with the faceplate off. All seems to be nice and quiet, and my face plate is an MK2.


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Re: PPP LCP Send termination request (user request)

Would a mod please be able to assist me with this long term ongoing issue, I don’t know where else to turn


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