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Packet loss issues

Consistent LOSS spikes when playing online games such as counter strike global offensive, call of duty and world of warcraft. This is on a wired ethernet connection.

Spikes of up to 20% packet loss have been seen, usually smaller but long 1 second or longer periods of total freezing/rubber banding is occuring on a consistent basis.

This has been an issue for over 6 months now, becoming more prevalent recently meaning we often have to reset the router and/or modem to receive a consistent connection until the next day where we would receive the problems again and have to start over.

On top of that we have recently experienced issues with the router not reconnecting to the broadband correctly or at all leading to restarting the router taking 30-60 minutes which is unacceptable.

We have checked our hardware such as ethernet cables etc. At this point it must be an issue on your end or our router is faulty.

I contacted BT's help line before (at least 6 months ago) with the same issue and they came to the conclusion that there is no issue on their end, but we also have no issues hardward wise so I think the router must be the issue.

Is there a way to get a free replacement hub or other fixes?

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Re: Packet loss issues

Hi @sniffle and welcome.

Thanks for posting about your packet loss issues. I'm sorry you're having a few problems. Can you post some tracerts to the game server and one to the BBC site for comparison? Have you checked for any noise on your line? Can you try connecting a handset to the test socket and dialling 17070?



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