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Parental Controls - Specific Accounts?



I have Parental Control Set up but want to know if I can apply different PC's to different equipment?

I want my filters to be different to my 7 and 14 year olds, and they also need to be applicable to their age group - all I seem to be able to do is set it up and the restriction applies across the board.

If this is the case, can I block everything and only allow access to permitted sites but again, pertaining to each individual machine/account?

I want to be able to block everything except for what is permitted in the allowed list for each child on their PC/Tablet etc,

Am I asking too much of the PC's software/set-up from BT?

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Re: Parental Controls - Specific Accounts?

You can not configure individual settings per device. It is all or nothing.

See link

 How to keep your family safe online with BT Parental Controls and the different blocking categories ...

You would need to consider using software installed on each device that allows you to configure settings per device.

You may find that they will work for the 7 year old but most 14 year olds will be able to find ways around most Parental Control programs. The Internet is a great source for those wishing to seek out how to circumvent them.