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Parental controls - daughter's laptop offline despite being used

HI, I recently upgraded to Fibre 300 and have the Smart-hub 2.  Since I received this, I have had problems setting up parental controls for one of my daughter's laptop.

I am not sure if my daughter has done something to her laptop to prevent me from setting time controls as she has some tech savvy friends!  She said she hasn't done anything and doesn't know why she is able to access her laptop outside of the time limits.

Initially I set a time limit to enable her to use her laptop from 8am to 11pm.  Now I can't change or adjust this, everytime I click her laptop on the BT App, it keeps crashing.  I have tried several times and it always crashes on the BT App when I click on it to check the settings.  

I have set time limit on other devices and they are working fine - all the other devices are Apple though!  My daughter's laptop is Asus.  It was working fine, before when we had the older Smart-hub and Fibre 2.

I have checked her laptop and it's connected to our wifi, however the BT App shows it as disconnected even though the laptop is next to me and is definitely connected.  When I log in to the hub from my laptop, it shows it as connected but I can't change the settings from my laptop only through the App which keeps crashing when I click on my daughter's laptop.

This has been quite frustrating and is causing several arguments in our house as my daughter is quite sneaky with her laptop and keeps taking it upstairs to her bedroom overnight when we have told her that her laptop needs to be kept downstairs overnight, therefore I need to ensure she cannot access the internet during the night.  She is 15, by the way!

Help, please!!!

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Re: Parental controls - daughter's laptop offline despite being used

Hi - any advice with this.  This problem is still occurring.  I've tried on my phone and my husband's phone to access the BT App for the router and it keeps crashing when we click on my daughter's laptop.

I've called BT to explain this issue but they don't know how to resolve this.

I'm not sure why this is happening particularly with my daughter's laptop.  Everything else is fine and we have about 25 items connected to our router.

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Re: Parental controls - daughter's laptop offline despite being used

Hi @sunflower2020 welcome to the forum and sorry you are having a problem with Parental Controls. It's strange that it only affects one device. Would you delete the MyBT App from both phones that you have it set up and re-install it just on your phone and let me know if you can then set up the controls on the laptop.



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Re: Parental controls - daughter's laptop offline despite being used

Yes, I've tried this to delete the app from both phones and this problem still occurs....


I've also assigned a new IP address to this laptop to see if it helps but still same is annoying as I wish I could access parental controls via the website for the router but the only thing I can do is to change the IP address.

On the website for the router - it shows the laptop as online but the app shows as offline and keeps crashing - argh!

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