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Parental controls do not work at all

So since we have had BT broadband I have had parental controls on so that inappropriate websites are blocked. I assumed this meant that anyone connected to our wifi no matter what device they are using will be unable to access inappropriate sites..I was wrong! I have since found out that nothing is blocked at all!


I have checked all my settings on both the my bt app and on the my bt page on laptop and it states that parental controls are on and shows my custom filter settings so why are pornographic websites and other inappropriate sites still accessible? I tested this on both my laptop and an iphone and these sites load up instantly. I am really not happy about this.

I have seen other posts suggesting DNS fixes and have tried all these and still the websites are accessed just by typing in their url.  

Just to make this even more annoying and confusing. I connected to the BTWI-fi hotspot associated with my router and all inappropriate websites are blocked and the parental controls work perfect..So why do they not work on my actual home network?

I want this issue fixing as quickly as possible.

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Re: Parental controls do not work at all

Hi @Andrew89b I apologise that we missed your post on Wednesday and I'm sorry to see your parental controls aren't working properly. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team and we'll be happy to help. We're really busy at the moment so it will likely be next week before we can respond.

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Re: Parental controls do not work at all

Thanks for your reply. I have replied to your private message too

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Re: Parental controls do not work at all

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