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Ping Spikes

I have been working from home since March 2020 via a vpn connection to my office PC. From Christmas the vpn connection has been dropping approximately every 30 seconds making working very difficult. My office IT have no problems and the software is working ok. The issue appears to be the frequency of ping spikes causing the problem. I had hoped that it would improve following the schools reopening, however the problem persists, even at 6:30am when I start work. I called the helpline and was told by the advisor that they had been in the job for two years and had never heard of ping spikes and that my connection was working fine.  This isn't a subject I know much about other than some google searches to discover that it is a known issue and I am not alone.  I am becoming extremely frustrated as I have not got the knowledge or skills to know where to begin to resolve this and  BT don't seem to be interested as long as they deliver the promised connection speed.

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