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Ping increased and upload speed decreased?


I do Speedtest everyday - normally I have 20 down and 9 up with 9ms ping. This morning my ping has increased from 9ms to 23ms and my upload speed has decreased from 9mb to 0.4mb. 

there doesn’t seem to be any issues in my area, we have only 1 master socket and we’re only 40 metres away from the green cabinet. What’s the cause for this decrease in upload speed and increase in ping?



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Re: Ping increased and upload speed decreased?

If your normal connection  speed is 20mb down and 9mb up at the hub then you are a lot further from the street cab than 40m

Have you tried using the test socket 

do you have a dial tone on your landline

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Re: Ping increased and upload speed decreased?

Hi @Riley197  I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your connection.

Can you please post stats from the hub and we'll take a look? If you have a Home Hub 5 then go to then go to troubleshooting, helpdesk. If you have a Smart Hub its advanced settings then technical log information enter your phone number and post results.

Also is there any line noise on the line? You can check that by calling 17070 from your landline and choosing option 2 the call should be silent.



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