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Ping spikes when streaming


I would appreciate some help with this issue, having seen that others have experienced the same problem. Whenever anyone in our household streams from Netflix, Disney+ etc, we experience severe ping spikes and this makes online gaming at the same time impossible.

We are on BT infinity at 22.4mbps down and whilst this is not the fastest of lines, the problem occurs even when Netflix is set to stream at 720p at a low bitrate and it does not matter what is streaming the content - tablet, TV, or phone.

The gaming PC is connect directly into the smarthub 2 by gigabit ethernet. There is nothing unusual about our setup (e.g. no homeplugs involved).

Many thanks


Homehub details:



ping test, showing our usual ping above and pings whilst streaming below:


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Re: Ping spikes when streaming

I have no idea about what might be the issue. Someone else here might know.

Sometime back when I had FTTC connection with similar speeds like yours, I used to face similar issues and could never fix it.

What I did do was to download programs from Netflix/Amazon Prime Video to watch later. Even YouTube videos during off-peak hours. A bit of hassle I know, but that was to avoid streaming and gaming at the same time.

Life has changed after getting FTTP.

Good Luck !!

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Re: Ping spikes when streaming

Hi woodstockahem, many thanks for taking the time to reply. To date, we have been trying to do as you suggest in terms of not streaming and gaming at the same time.

I will be jumping on FTTP as soon as it rolled-out to our area, but in the meantime I am hoping one of the mods can help. I have read on other threads that some have been helped by tweaks to their line on the BT network side, but I do not know the specifics unfortunately.

Thanks again.

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Re: Ping spikes when streaming

I'm having the exact same issue, but don't seem to be able to get anyone to look at this.


I've had 10 OpenReach engineers, and BT have told me they have no method of looking at this. 


I'm not sure myself what else to do, the responses on here seem to look like a MOD gets involved and then it marks as solved, but I never see how it was resolved. 

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Re: Ping spikes when streaming

Hi @_JRG_ sorry you are experiencing high ping when streaming. There was a network issue last year which has been resolved. There are many factors that can influence Ping so to help you further would you please can you run a pingplotter and post the results for just gaming and then when gaming and streaming at the same time. Please ensure your console is connected via Ethernet to the BT hub.
What ping spikes are you seeing?
@Spaceman90 to stop confusion please can you create your thread and post your pingplotter results.



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Re: Ping spikes when streaming

Hello @JohnC2 and thanks for replying. Apologies for my delay in responding. I have completed the pingplotter runs as directed, with the PC connected directly to the hub via ethernet.

The top image is when just gaming, the bottom one is with streaming at the same time (Netflix at 1080P. At 4K it would of course be considerably worse).



No stream.pngwith stream.png

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