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Poor speed on 900 Fibre Optic

I've got a Smart Hub 2 but am only getting about 60 mbps on my computer (tried two different wireless adapters with capacity up to 1gb on both 5ghz and 2.4ghz - all under 100mbps still).

On my phone and with a chromebook if I stand in the same room as the router I still get less than 200mbps.

A BT Engineer has plugged into the router and gets 900mbps. On his phone he got around 350mbps, no matter where he stood in the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions for boosting the speed? Although the engineer still was only 350mbps, that's a lot better than the 50mbps I am getting on my desktop right now.

Distance does not seem to be the issue as the same speed is throughout the house no matter how far/close to the router (fairly small house). There is not much in the house as it is new and I cannot see anything interfering with the router closeby, nor could the engineer.

I'm pretty stumped on this one. Does anyone have any suggestions for router settings I could change or other suggestions for improving the speed?


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Re: Poor speed on 900 Fibre Optic

what speeds do you get if you use an ethernet connection?

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Re: Poor speed on 900 Fibre Optic

If the Openreach engineer got 900Mb plugged into the router there is nothing wrong with your connection. It is possible you have foil backed plasterboard in your new build which will affect wireless connections. Perhaps consider range extenders.

Are there no ethernet sockets installed in the different rooms?

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Re: Poor speed on 900 Fibre Optic

Unfortunately not, they have put in phone line sockets instead despite BT informing me there is no phone line connection at the property (only through my router). I have no idea how much it would cost to get a socket installed upstairs but presumably it would be expensive as they would need to run cable through the floor/walls to the hard connection?

The Engineer ordered me a Broadband Extender from BT arriving tomorrow but I am not sure how much that will help. I just don't understand why my connection is so weak whilst he got 450mbps on his phone in the same room upstairs (I assume he has a stronger adapter in his phone?)


- - Engineer got 900mbps plugging in. I can't do that as the router is in the living room by the modem, my study is upstairs other end of house with my desktop.

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Re: Poor speed on 900 Fibre Optic

The hub and its wifi is obviously working. Your phone and chromebooks speeds look like it maybe down to the sheer horsepower of those devices themselves (what age are they ?)

The desktop could be connected by a couple of powerline adapters, which is not something I normally tend to recommend but they might provide your desktop with a simple suitable signal given the issues you are having.