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Poor system

I had a problem with phones not being able to connect to my BT hub - 2 android phones, both have connected to the hub for months if not years, yet suddenly they can't connect "access denied". iPad seems unaffected. I looked for answers here. I found user emnov74 with a similar problem, clicked the 'solution' link and got a post that seemed unrelated to the question originally asked. Not at all impressed. I was then asked if I would take a survey for the site, I responded yes. I filled out survey, only to find when submitting it, I had to be logged in to do so! Why offer surveys to non-logged in users, if they can't respond! Even less impressed. Luckily I poked around in the BT hub admin and reset the 2.4 & 5GHz channels - after that the phones could login OK. So problem solved (for now anyway), but no thanks to this site. Now registered with this site to post this bad review.

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