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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Forgot to say I am on fttp with a rock solid 250mB download, as checked on multiple devices so bandwidth is not the issue with streaming freezing and going fuzzy.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Snap… did the 8326 update on Friday last week (29th Oct)… since then the slave discs are in a constant state of either rebooting, flashing blue or solid red.  The master disc seems to remain solid blue suggesting it’s working, but actually it’s constantly reseting every 10-15 mins dropping the internet.  I had to do an emergency roll back to 822C (same as 822A I’m told?) in between failed Teams calls yesterday and touch wood etc., some stability has returned.  Still having the original problem with the discs seeing many of my IoT devices in terms of MAC address and IP (supplied buy my ASUS RT-AC87U router with Wi-Fi off), but each IoT device is not seeing the web and appears disconnected?  

I don’t actually believe BT will ever fix these problematic discs especially now they WiFi 6 version is out 🤬

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Factory reset btwh system and set up from fresh. 

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

So up date…

822c roll back stability lasted all of 24hrs, then daisy chained Wi-Fi discs would start disconnecting devices forcing the devices to try and jump on to the master and effectively not be near enough to be suitable for Teams calls due to low bandwidth/connection speed etc.  Various power cycles later and the whole bloody lot is resetting flashing blue, red, solid blue but no internet and nothing on salve discs.  The slave discs in the app reported ‘incompatible firmware’ yet where all on the identical firmware when checked and also would not go in to pairing mode.  Next step re install 8326 update… then all broken, nothing working.  Factory reset master disc and started again as a single disc.  Rolled it back to 822c again, connected the slave discs in star connection via Ethernet direct to router and left for half a day, eventually I was able to manually add these slave discs but not on the iPhone or Android app, but only via the web GUI as the app wouldn’t show/find them and reported the master disc as offline which it wasn’t.   

Now have the slave discs in Wi-Fi daisy chain mode meaning the 3rd disc is significantly slower then when in Wi-Fi star mode BUT has now all been up and stable with only 4 or 5 Wi-Fi disconnects for coming up for 48hrs…


My advice… totally avoid the latest update its yet again more garbage you can I’ll afford to inflict on yourself when trying to work from home and support multiple users and streaming devices.   For the cost of this equipment it’s total unacceptable 

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

i cant speak for this latest firmware as i have only just upgraded (i will report back my findings in a week or so) but the previous beta SGAB/C20822A i had similar issues as yourself i to rolled back etc, i had tired resetting the disc that kept rebooting etc tried resetting the primary but after factory resetting all discs and reconfiguring hay presto last uptime was 8 days before i just upgrading this morning to this version. The old firmware is leaving something behind in nvram i expect.
I would upgrade to latest fw then factory reset when convenient, make sure its reset no SSID's left behind or admin passwords if you've changed these and reconfigure from fresh clean install.
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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Hi Foz,

I upgraded to this latest version, full factory reset of all discs with no restore so back to default SSD.  I then changed the SSD.  After a very short period system was rebooting every 15 mins.  

As such, I rolled back and reset again - it's not rebooting every 15 minutes now - slave discs have been up solidly since (nearly 3 days) the master rebooted itself a day and 13 hours ago - which has been a regular problem for me (master rebooting every couple of days).  When I reset, I changed the master disc with a slave to rule out hardware.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Hi Bigmick


Sounds very similar to my experience.. I’ve had the master reboot once more since my last post but slaves all reconnected quickly without issue. Seems 822C is significantly more stable than the current update. For clarity in my last post I probably didn’t make clear that after ever upgrade/rollback I do a master reset of all discs. Then laboriously go back in via the GUI and reset all my groups and correct device names etc.

FYI - I’ve circa 54 active Wi-Fi connected devices at any one time, I’m wondering if that load isn’t helping it?

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

After 7 days on FW 208326, one of my 30 devices disconnected followed shortly by another 2, they all showed as connected both on the app and the GUI but they weren't. I tried the refresh connection facility on the app, but no go so I have rolled back to the previous version which had worked faultlessly for a month and all devices are now up and running on SGAB20822C.

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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

822C is still going strong for me… I’ve had 3x disconnections with the slave disc in my office, flashing red typically mid Teams call. When it does usually causing the call to report ‘bad network performance’ as my Mac then tried to jump across to the master disc down stairs across the other side of the house to try and continue. The slave will reconnect within a minute or so and everything is usually back to normal. I’m still getting problems with devices (usually security cameras or TP-Link TP100 remote plugs) showing as connected in the GUI but are actually disconnected and the only way to recover that is force a network reboot but this has been a day one unresolved issue since first purchase.

Aside from that inconvenience, 822C has been reasonably stable. And despite the iOS or Android app showing a firmware update is available, I’m avoiding it until BT acknowledge the latest firmware is broken and fix it….

Imagine paying over £400 for a 4 disc system that has never worked as described or as designed, and BT’s only response is to ignore the problem and focus on launching a newer Wi-Fi 6 version. It’s my belief we should all be compensated with a free hardware upgrade for providing beta testing for that past 18+ months
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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208326 now live

Rockhopperj - still same here.  After one master disc reboot on 822C, the discs have now been up for nearly 6 days on master, nearly 7 days on the secondary discs.  This new firmware needs pulling IMO as it's extremely unstable.  Simply rolling back for me fixed the constant reboots I had when I ran C208326.