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Premium email

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I thought we had informed BT that we were leaving to move to East Yorkshire (therefore no BT coverage) when we phoned them and spoke to 'Sandra' in Glasgow and told her that we wished to close our BT broadband and telephone service but wished to move to BT Premium Email from Monday 28th June. We understood that this was set up but I find that when I check my BT account page on Wednesday 30th June that we still appear to be signed up for the the broadband and telephone service. Can anyone advise how we can 1) cancel the broadband/telephone service and 2) get the BT Premium Email service?

Any help gratefully received!

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Re: Premium email

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You will need to phone BT check why it has not been cancelled and if need be cancel your Broadband account account. It can not be done online.

As regards BT Premium email you should be offered this via your MyBT when your cancellation has gone through. 

If that does not happen see this link.

What is Premium email and how do I get it? | BT Help

Depending on your needs you may find the the BT Basic Email which can only be accessed using a web browser may be sufficient.

See link.

If you feel that it would do you need to order it at the same time as you cancel  your broadband package.

EDIT: You need to give 30 days notice to cancel your broadband if you are not moving to another provider.

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Re: Premium email

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Went through the same procedure with another BT person and problem now appears sorted. Many thanks to those that advised me on this. 

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Re: Premium email

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Is BT not available in East Yorkshire?  My sister lives in Pocklington and she has never mentioned this. I know about white phone boxes in Hull  - is the lack more than just Hull?  Just asking, I live in Scotland and East Yorkshire is almost abroad for me.

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